Tuesday, June 5, 2007


(DUNWOODY, GA June 5, 2007) SDOC Publishing announced today their first charitable corporate sponsorship. According to owner Adrienne Duncan, "Atlanta has been good to SDOC Publishing. The community welcomed our company with open arms and now it is our turn to be good corporate citizens and support our new home in return."

SDOC Publishing contributed custom graphics and website maintenance to a fundraising gala for The Sullivan Center, a privately-funded agency specializing in "homelessness prevention".

"What is so innovative about the Sullivan Center is that they are a proactive group that intervenes with families and individuals in crisis before they hit bottom and lose their homes. In addition, there is only so much money to go around and only so many people they can help. But the number of applications is increasing. To assist those people, their September fundraiser is absolutely critical."

Duncan found a niche in a unique challenge: website design, stationery design and a new logo identity for the gala, themed "A Garden Party: Planting the Seeds of Hope". "When web imaging or print imaging are done independently, the job is simple," she says. "But we managed to develop an attractive presence that was adapted to all print materials and the website all on a very tight deadline. We are proud of our work and certainly hope it benefits The Sullivan Center."

Watch for SDOC's handiwork in press materials to be distributed in the next couple of weeks. The website is now live and can be visited at www.thesullivancenter.org.

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Friday, June 30, 2006


(DUNWOODY, GA June 30, 2006) SDOC Publishing today announced their completion of a new website for the Atlanta Alumnae Panhellenic Association (AAPA). AAPA represents the Metro Atlanta chapter of the National Panhellenic Conference.

"Most people don't realize that the 26 Greek-letter sororities of the NPC are collectively, the largest womens' organization in the world," noted Adrienne Duncan, proprietor of SDOC Publishing. "There are currently almost 4 million members, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships, millions of dollars in philanthropic causes, and hundreds of thousands of hours in communty service every year. That is a significant amount of influence on our culture by women."

Atlanta Alumnae Panhellenic Association provides several scholarships per year to undergraduate and graduate students and hosts leadership workshops for sorority officers. The main event each year is the Recruitment Roundtable, where women headed to college can learn about the sorority recruitment process. The new website can be seen at http://www.atlantapanhellenic.org/.

The AAPA website represents an interactive vehicle for potential sorority members as well as collegiate and alumnae members. A database-driven calendar organizes information about the 26 sororities nationally, and the local activities of the 20 represented by AAPA. For fundraising and other special events, all documents are displayed in Adobe FlashPaper® format. Duncan mentioned that the next feature to appear will be an online registration for Recruitment Roundtable in March 2007.

"Being the webmaster for this type of site means that I answer to almost three-dozen supervisors," says Duncan. "Each sorority's delegate, plus the Executive Board, plus several committees all have an interest in having their information posted and it's usually time-sensitive. My key role is to make sure that all of these interests are shown together in a comprehensive form. It's a wonderful challenge that all of the women of AAPA are very happy with."

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


(DUNWOODY, GA July 27, 2005) SDOC Publishing, Dunwoody's newest web design firm, announced the re-launch of the website for a Dunwoody-based medical firm.

SDOC Publishing is now the official webmaster for Documentation, Coding, and Billing Accuracy, or, DCBA Inc, a physician-owned consulting firm specializing in medical chart coding. The site is available at www.dcbainc.com

"DCBA's website is what I called a 'diamond in the rough'' website", says SDOC's founder and proprietor, Adrienne Duncan. "The basic appearance elements were good - I recycled some of them - the site just needed some organization and consistency. Medical-related content is very familiar territory for SDOC Publishing and it felt good to get back in that field"

"Some organization" is an understatement. DCBA's president, Dr Robert Gold, is a proflic writer who is published in several industry publications. He ordered his entire library of material formatted for the website. That ends up being several hundred articles and the collection continues to grow. In addition, certain sections of the library are limited to "members-only" access, requiring even more care in development.

Duncan continues, "DCBA is an example of a multi-functional site with enormous amounts of information. Such a site requires development of aids to the visitor." Duncan describes these aids as a customized search engine, and login access to private areas. "There is even a customized discussion forum with several access layers," she adds.

"A little planning up front goes a long way in the future," Duncan concludes. "If you centralize your navigation and logically organize your content, you can scale your site infinitely. DCBA Inc has a bright future ahead with new clients and new visitors and SDOC is proud to be a key element of that growth."

SDOC Publishing website design and development is based in the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody. Initial consultations are free of charge and by appointment only. All design work and pricing is customized for each client. Visit www.sdocpublishing.com for further information.