Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If you embed your Facebook page into your website, read this update!

(Talk with your webmaster if any of this sounds like Greek.)

For years, it was possible to use a variety of methods, including IFRAMES to embed a Facebook page (or a Facebook group, if you found the trick) into a website.  You could engage your customers and draw them to your social media with a "Like" button, a scrolling view of page posts, and a list of other "Like"-ers.  A great way to draw attention to your Facebook community without paying FB for it.  ;-)

On June 23, 2015, the rules are going to change.

Facebook is upgrading their API (application programming interface) and the popular "Like Box" will disappear.

This is the message  you get if you are attempting to create a new "Like Box" for your website.

It will be replaced with the Page Plugin app.  (

The interface that sets the size and source of the embedded box remains the same.  However there are two important differences in how the plugin displays:

1)  The width of your new "box" is set in pixels and can no longer be set as a percentage of the width of the page or sidebar where it's embedded.
2)  Embedding in your page requires JavaScript just inside the  tag and a second script in the location where you want the box to appear.  That means, no more IFRAMES or other alternative methods.

If you are using a content management system (eg, WordPress, Joomla, etc) to maintain your website and you have been using a plugin or module to embed your Facebook page, check with the developer ASAP to determine if they will upgrade their plugin to accommodate the new rules.

SDOC is in the process of evaluating all of our clients websites and upgrading their source code so their Facebook embeds will continue to appear properly.  We are manually embedding Facebook's scripts into the theme (look and feel) files without the use of modules or plugins for those customers using open-source content management systems.

There's plenty of time to make the change so give us a call or contact your webmaster ASAP to ensure your social media integrations will still look great after June 24!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dunwoody Food Truck Thursdays 5/14 - Introducing Kosher Options



Musical Guests and Performers

Band and Choral Performances by Teens from The Weber School
Glass Slipper Entertainment (Princesses)
The Dunwoody Mermaids (Face painting)
Dance Performance (MJCCA Dance)
Gymnastics Exhibition (MJCCA Perimeter Gymnastics)


Adult Beverages


Dinner Trucks


Dessert Vendors

Meet Tiffany - One of the girls who stops traffic on Mt. Vernon every day! - The Aha! Connection

Meet Tiffany - One of the girls who stops traffic on Mt. Vernon every day! - The Aha! Connection

From the AHa Cconnection:

Some warm and wonderful insights into the ladies who do the hardest job to make transportation bearable while Mt. Vernon Road is getting its upgrade.

It's not just Dunwoodians using this road.  Those who complain of traffic also point out that many on the road are headed to/from Gwinnett and Fulton counties.  If you have to be on Mt. Vernon and haven't found alternate routes during construction, pack your patience and don't take traffic frustration out on the flag girls.  Pass the message on to our Fulton and Gwinnett neighbors too.