Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Countdown to Small Business Saturday

The final edits have been made and our e-commerce installs are humming along. If you're a local business you're gearing up to do battle with the larger stores for the holiday season.

 SDOC has been an early supporter of Small Business Saturday and Independent We Stand. I'm not against large industries, per se, because they all started out as mom-and-pop operations. But those current mom-and-pops deserve some attention too. That goes for your cafes and other dining establishments you may need when it's time to take a break from shopping!

 80% of Dunwoody's business licenses are issued to companies with fewer than 10 employees. It's easy to support your neighbors and your quality of life this season so see what treasures you can find right in your own backyard.

Business owners - I received a package of materials from American Express to help promote your participation this weekend.  Visit the SDOC Facebook page below and let me set you up with some cool stuff for your customers!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Roll With the Changes

Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, November 18.

It's OK for there to be change.  In some ways, it's its own constant.

I'm used to it with this group.  Starting from the back room of the Crier, to the old Rail Hand House, to Bill Grant's office, to - [censored pending official announcement].

Every year brought a new website theme.  With new features.  Sometimes an all-new back end.  And a branding initiative that landed in my lap with the directive to make this look good without offending anybody and by the way, it's not being received well by the public, so do the best you can.  Joy.

I'm always excited by the new challenges, parameters, personnel, and even frustrations.  There are some Negative Nellies out there who won't be satisfied until Dunwoody is as unhappy as they are.  I'm all for the positive, forward motion from last night and the quality of life we can all enjoy in the future!