Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Taste of Dunwoody

Two words:


You have to get your tickets early for this event anymore.  Part of SDOC's sponsorship is a pair of tickets so if you are a business owner in town, you may want to sponsor next year and your admittance is a done deal.

The AHA Connection has created a "trading post" if you are looking to buy or sell Taste of Dunwoody tickets.  Try your luck here.

I'm glad to help support CHOA as a sponsor again this year.  I've posted before how I worked in pediatric oncology and how I saw first hand how this type of events benefits patients and their families.  As mom of 3 active kids, it's even more personal.  Between my eldest with a nut allergy to be monitored, my son (youngest) having been diagnosed with sensory integration problems requiring OT and speech therapy, and a middle daughter who is just bound and determined to bump herself as much as she can playing on the playground at preschool, our family are now officially "frequent flyers" at Scottish Rite.   No matter what happens we're confident that the kids will always be OK because the pros at CHOA are there for advice, support and - when necessary - treatment.

If you got your tickets in advance, see you there tonight!

(BTW, I LOVE Yacht Rock Revue!)

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