Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Public Service Announcement Regarding Dunwoody Government and Elections

Dunwoody has a city council of 7 seats, representing 3 districts.

Each district has 2 representatives:  1 elected from that district itself, and 1 elected "at large" by the entire community.

The Mayor is always an additional "at large" seat.

The form of government is called a "weak mayor" system.  That is, the Mayor in city council matters, has a single vote like everyone else on council and serves mainly as a tiebreaker.  The title itself is a glorified honorific; the Mayor is a representative position only.  The "face of Dunwoody" if you will.

So if you really want to vote as a city council member and "make changes" or whatever the hell else is on your mind, you can run in whatever district for which you qualify.  You'll have the same vote as the Mayor and just as much measurable political power - no more, no less.

Why is this announcement necessary?

Because we have a four-way race for Mayor as of a few minutes ago, while three other seats are going uncontested.  Those with a chip on their shoulder or an axe to grind are more likely to be successful to run a race for the uncontested seats than to join a rat-race for the ceremonial spot.

It's obvious that the candidates we have thus far are all members of the "We Hate Mike" club.  They have no platform to speak of, they just hate Mike and this is the way they express it.  If it was a disagreement over policy, then it would show in their platform.  But there is no difference in policy, so the  motivation must be purely personal.

Those of you supporting these candidates - what are you trying to accomplish?   What kind of Dunwoody will result from your friend getting into office?  No, really, what???  Comments are open below.


Max said...

I have a pail.

It is a good pail.

It doesn't leak, my pail.

I don't think I am going to replace my pail.

My pail doesn't make me angry because, well, it is a pail.

Kerry de Vallette said...

Sorry, but I respectfully push back on your premise. I don't see Denny's candidacy/platform as being based on hating Mike. While their platforms may not be that far off, based what is published, both platforms are basic pre-election rhetoric - low taxes, police, paved roads, blah, blah, blah..... Let's see if and how the conversations/debates can draw out any real differentiation. Just Sayin'...........

Joe Hirsch said...

I agree with Kerry, but don't do so as respectfully. Your post says none of the candidates has a real platform, other than hating our current mayor. I am willing to bet you did not speak to Denny, Chris or Steve about their platforms. They literally just filed the paperwork to run for office. Therefore, your blanket statement, misrepresented as fact, is just your attempt at smearing others that you yourself don't personally like. Additionally, each candidate probably has not even established what issues they want to highlight or formed opinions on everything yet. We have two full months to learn all the candidates' views on the issues are without your insistence you know what they will say. With your logic, you should not even waste your time attending a debate. Really, don't go, since you say you are a mind reader. Next time you want to offer a "public service announcement", you should do your homework before closing your ears and mind as to what others in the community have to offer.

Rose Gorham said...

Well said Joe!!!

I will not be voting for Mike Davis not because I 'hate' him because I believe he has not done a good job as mayor of this city!

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Joe and Rose and Kerry - your criticisms are based on incorrect assumptions that I have neither spoken to nor learned about these candidates. The fact is I have spoken with Denny - numerous times - over the course of *years*. It is that long experience that I am using to base my opinion. Chipka may have just filed his paperwork, but he has a long and infamous history with Dunwoody law enforcement. I don't think any of you would want your daughters behind a wheel while he's having a bad day. Grivakis has no recorded history at all so there's nothing to research. At this stage of Dunwoody's life, going from nobody and not involved to running for mayor is very sketchy. Just like your "Save Dunwoody" candidates in years past that neither "saved" nor "changed" a single thing.

My opinion stands: if any of these individuals were serious about making a major impact on city government, they would have filed to run for the uncontested seats instead of a four-man melee for the Mayor's spot that has the same political power in city government as all the other seats.

Joe and Rose - I'm glad my exhortation to explain what you are trying to accomplish resonated with you enough to elicit a response. Unfortunately your comments left out any real specifics and relied on the same constant complaining and smartass remarks you spread across social media so consistently that it has faded to a low hum. I'll never say you are not entitled to your opinions. I will say I have yet to be swayed by the same old thing.

Joe Hirsch said...

Adrienne, what's pathetic is that you try to present your opinions as facts. Just as I knew, you don't know the positions of the candidates. And, like I said, you should stay away from any debates since you are incapable of listening. Keeping talking as if you are all-knowing and the less people will listen to you. I have not committed to anyone, since I am going to be patient on hearing their views. So what are platforms of Chris and Steve that you are in agreement/opposed to? You admitted you don't know them. Your response was predictable and truly sad.
Many great leaders have begun from a citizen upset with a single issue, launching into a political career. Seriously, no need for you to waste your time learning anything about the candidates since you have all the answers. I'll give you an out: admit you don't know everything and you will form an educated opinion (that may come to the same conclusion). Otherwise, your blog is worthless dribble.

Robert Wittenstein said...

I’ll make an attempt to change the subject. Adrienne’s statement: “The form of government is called a "weak mayor" system. That is, the Mayor in city council matters, has a single vote like everyone else on council and serves mainly as a tiebreaker. The title itself is a glorified honorific; the Mayor is a representative position only.” is only partly true. The Dunwoody mayor has four important roles that are unique to his position:
1. He or she runs the city council meetings
2. He or she proposes the draft budget to council for consideration and approval
3. He or she proposes a chosen candidate for City Manager, City Clerk or City Attorney
4. He or she selects citizens to sit on city boards and commissions for consideration and approval.

These add up to substantial opportunities for the mayor to influence Dunwoody’s direction.

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Hi Rob--thanks for commenting.
Thank you for bringing up the Mayor's other duties. As your comments allude, the Mayor can propose candidates for various positions, but the entire Council has to vote to confirm them. If the rest of council votes against the recommendations, that additional power is neutralized. In the final voting situation, the Mayor is still a one-vote-seat.

That goes to the recommendation I made in the post about running for a seat that is otherwise uncontested vs going just for the Mayor's job: as a Council member in another seat, you may be in a position to block an appointment you don't approve of, even if you can't make the recommendation.

I was surprised that SD didn't come up with a slate again this year, in a way. This would have been the most likely year that they could have gotten more of a slate elected. In 2011, their vote block was split between the three districts and their local candidates. In 2015, they could have consolidated their votes across the city and possibly gotten more of their candidates into office. Then regardless of who is the Mayor, if they commit to voting as a block (and they can conjure 4 votes at any given time) then they're really running the Council. The Mayor and his/her gavel becomes very small. There are a lot of "ifs" in that equation but it wouldn't have been impossible.

Rose Gorham said...
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Max said...

And this is why we love it in Dunwoody _Gary Ray Betz knows how and who to roll:

"Screw this "Save Dunwoody" crap. Save Dunwoody from what? Save it from thriving - both financially and socially? I'm guaranteeing y'all that if Dunwoody doesn't pull its head out of the collective ass of its most antediluvian citizens, then expect it to eventually become nothing more than a city-wide retirement community of dour old trolls without any type of public amenities that could possibly coax their grandchildren to visit."

"Write-in Gary Ray Betz for Dunwoody Mayor - the only candidate honest enough to admit he's a whore"