Friday, October 1, 2004


(DUNWOODY, GA October 26, 2004) SDOC Publishing, Dunwoody's newest web design firm, announced the official launch of a Dunwoody community website for the Briers North Subdivision. Residents and visitors alike can learn more about Briers North at

Briers North is a unique and highly sought-after subdivision on the eastern border of Dunwoody, GA. In addition to being a quiet and safe neighborhood, the community's homes are each inspired by Victorian design, lending a peaceful, main-street feel.

"Most communities and subdivisions do not have a web presence. Those that do are often either designed by amateurs, or are run by cheap wholesale templates that are bland and boring," said Adrienne Duncan, proprietor of SDOC Publishing and the designer of the site. "This neighborhood is absolutely unique: the architecture, the community spirit, the holiday celebrations. You can tell that each home and family is a labor of love. The community deserved to have a highly customized site that reflects that."

Duncan reports that in addition to the Victorian-inspired design of the site, the best part of the site is what is not visible. "Most of this site is run from an interactive database with hidden administrative functions. Plus, residents can enter a private area where they can access a community directory, financial statements, private announcements and issues. It's like having a 24-hour online town hall!"

Timing was critical on this site as well. Briers North is most famous in metro Atlanta and north Georgia for its spectacular Halloween celebration. The community expects four thousand visitors to trick-or-treat on October 31. "I only had a couple of weeks to get this site to an acceptable state for all of the residents. Some of the Halloween information is critical for visitors and it had to be live. Failure was not an option."

Duncan says she will be available to help with site upgrades, but the day-to-day maintenance can be done by the volunteer committees and residents themselves. "Everything here is self-supporting. Individual users can access and update their information, and the administrators manage the content. It makes life much easier for everyone."

"Now we just need to make sure there's enough candy to go around on Sunday!"

Sunday, August 1, 2004



DUNWOODY, GA - (August 1, 2004) Website Specialists of SDOC Publishing announced today that they have completed their studio relocation from Houston, TX to the north Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody.

SDOC Publishing grew to prominence in the Houston area under the leadership of proprietor Adrienne Duncan, a Web Designer for the world-renowned M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and frequent contributor to the hospital's Internet Advisory Committee. Duncan applied that experience to smaller organizations and businesses. "There is no reason why each and every business should not have experts developing and maintaining their Internet presence", she said recently. "The principles of good web promotion are the same for any organization, no matter how large or small."

Duncan retired from medical writing at M. D. Anderson when her spouse received a job promotion - one that required an Atlanta residence. "I wouldn't have minded continuing (M. D. Anderson's) web development from a distance. But Texas State law prohibits employees from working out-of-state." Duncan intends to devote all of her energies to developing affordable Web presences to independent businesses.

All of SDOC's current clients have continued their contracts. Clientele range from churches and schools, to attorneys and musicians. SDOC Publishing has a proven track record of adapting technologies and marketing strategies to a broad range of clients.
So, what does Ms Duncan think of her new hometown?

"I didn't think it would be possible to find a community that I loved more than the one I came from. But everything about this relocation was better than I could have expected. We are enamored with our new neighbors. Mr. Duncan and I will always be happy in Dunwoody. I hope that SDOC Publishing will be a good business neighbor as well."

Ms Duncan, proprietor of SDOC Publishing is available for commentary on web design and welcomes new clients. All consultations are by appointment only so each client receives undivided attention. Visit for further information.