Wednesday, July 27, 2005


(DUNWOODY, GA July 27, 2005) SDOC Publishing, Dunwoody's newest web design firm, announced the re-launch of the website for a Dunwoody-based medical firm.

SDOC Publishing is now the official webmaster for Documentation, Coding, and Billing Accuracy, or, DCBA Inc, a physician-owned consulting firm specializing in medical chart coding. The site is available at

"DCBA's website is what I called a 'diamond in the rough'' website", says SDOC's founder and proprietor, Adrienne Duncan. "The basic appearance elements were good - I recycled some of them - the site just needed some organization and consistency. Medical-related content is very familiar territory for SDOC Publishing and it felt good to get back in that field"

"Some organization" is an understatement. DCBA's president, Dr Robert Gold, is a proflic writer who is published in several industry publications. He ordered his entire library of material formatted for the website. That ends up being several hundred articles and the collection continues to grow. In addition, certain sections of the library are limited to "members-only" access, requiring even more care in development.

Duncan continues, "DCBA is an example of a multi-functional site with enormous amounts of information. Such a site requires development of aids to the visitor." Duncan describes these aids as a customized search engine, and login access to private areas. "There is even a customized discussion forum with several access layers," she adds.

"A little planning up front goes a long way in the future," Duncan concludes. "If you centralize your navigation and logically organize your content, you can scale your site infinitely. DCBA Inc has a bright future ahead with new clients and new visitors and SDOC is proud to be a key element of that growth."

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