Dunwoody Home Business Map

The map below is the result of Dunwoody research including Open Records requests with city government, researching local websites, LLC listings, and business directories.  Every subdivision in Dunwoody has several home-based businesses in all housing types:  condos, apartments, townhomes, and single-family residences of all zoning designations.

Update to business locations is in progress as of 9/20/2018.  Correlation with code compliance is pending an ORR with city hall.
List of Dunwoody business licenses was generated on December 12, 2016 and contains all licenses recorded from January 1 until that date.
List of code enforcement violations contains all reports made through the end of February 2017.  The original request included all known records generated by Dunwoody's municipal government.  The earliest records that were provided to me began in June 2012.


Light Green:  home businesses holding an occupational tax certificate issued by the City of Dunwoody indicating that this is the physical address for a business.    These were documented on a list as a result of an Open Records Request on December 12, 2016.  These addresses have received no code enforcement complaints according to regular ORRs.  Many of these are known or reported to receive customers and employees on-site. (569)

Dark Green:  home businesses documented via business directories, LLC or incorporation registrations etc, but were not on the city license list.  These properties also have a record of no code enforcement complaints. (519)  Updated 4/11/2017

Lavender:  home businesses that have been awarded a SLUP for customer contact (2)  These properties also have a record of no code enforcement complaints.

Yellow:  home businesses that have had complaints filed against them with Code Enforcement, but were not officially confirmed. (6)

Red:  home businesses that have documented code violations and/or nuisance activity by Code Enforcement (0 - no outstanding nuisances as of 9/20/2018)

Dusty Red:  home businesses that have documented code violations in the past that have been permanently resolved.  (4)

Orange:  households not recorded above on any list but were cited for operating a business without a license, with no other nuisance activity noted. (5)

LIGHT BLUE:  households that did host a home business at one time but is no longer present.  The business may have closed, the owner moved out or retired, or the business may have migrated out of town or to a brick-and-mortar space.  These businesses  have not received any code enforcement complaints.

Sage:  households that applied for and received a permit for tutors to receive students.  (1)

Total former home business locations:  660

Quick stats:

 Total number of Dunwoody households (per 2010 federal census)  15,888

Total number of home businesses (past and present) documented in Dunwoody as of April 2017: 1748

Percentage of households hosting at least one home business at some time since 2008:  11%

Percentage of 2016 Dunwoody business licenses issued to a home address:  26%  (Up from 25% when this project began in 2014, up from 20% in 2011 when the first SLUP was filed and interest in justification for home business legislation began)

Percentage of known home businesses with documented "nuisance" activity (other than merely operating without a license) at any time since 2008:  0.2%

Comments and email are open.  Have an update for the list above?  Pass it on.  Please note that claims of "nuisance" or other violations will only be updated in the map if they are confirmed by Dunwoody Community Development.


Unknown said...

The two houses in Trailridge subdivision are the homes of real estate agents. One is the home of a person who owns a real estate agency. It could be the address of record for the company, but she in fact makes her office in Dunwoody Village. I think your map needs further study to clarify your point, which is to point out how many Dunwoody businesses operate out of residential areas.

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Hi Don
thanks for stopping by. The map covers any business license or LLC that is registered to a home address. I am not commenting on what kind of business happens there or at another location even if I know it firsthand.

If anything this map is a major UNDER representation of home business activity. It is not possible to record all of the he tutors.and MLM distributors which make up a significant number of owners but generally are not recorded.

You're right in that themap is a work in progress. It is going to change over time. But the criterion is that a home address is used to register a business. Period.