Thursday, January 18, 2018

I CARE, Inc helps seniors. Now they need a new home

The All Saints Knights of Columbus distributed this request today.  A local charity needs help finding sufficient office space to continue their work.  We've got lots of real estate agents and business owners in Dunwoody.  Can anyone out there make a connection for I  CARE, Inc?

I CARE, Inc. a 501 (c3) Non-Profit Corporation, is looking for a new "home."

I CARE’s needs are minimal- approximately 15’ x 15’, would be sufficient to:
House two desks, file cabinet, two computers, and two printers.
Internet access (we could install our own Internet). We have our own phones to conduct business.
Additionally, we would occasionally conduct volunteer driver interviews, host meetings with funding partners, board meetings, collect mail, etc.
Volunteer/Program Coordinator, Shannon Streiter, and Director, Tom Simon, work at the office and at home, so there is flexibility.

If you know of any space that might be available to fit our needs (ideally in the Decatur area, but we are very flexible) we would greatly appreciate any insight, ideas, and thoughts. Being a small Non-Profit, FREE space would be ideal.

For more information, please contact:
Tom Simon, Director, I CARE, at 404-377-2273 or 770-378-8999
Shannon Streiter, Volunteer/Program Coordinator at 404-377-2273 /404-376-6415

I CARE, Inc. has been in business since 1998 in Decatur, providing FREE transportation to DeKalb County seniors, in order for them to get to their medical appointments and remain healthy, continue to be productive members of their community, and allow them to continue to “Live in Place” which is what all Seniors want.