Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

The five of us are celebrating a nice quiet(?) holiday for once.  I hope all of you are enjoying your Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah) as well.

Repeating last year's Thanksgiving article because it's still needed.

The Pilgrims had come to America not to conquer a continent but to re-create their modest communities in Scrooby and in Leiden. ...  The Pilgrims' religious beliefs played a dominant role in the decades ahead, but it was their deepening relationship with the Indians that turned them into Americans
By forcing the English to improvise, the Indians prevented Plymouth Colony from ossifying into a monolithic cult of religious extremism.  For their part, the Indians were profoundly influenced by the English and quickly created a new and dynamic culture full of Native and Western influences.  For a nation that has come to recognize that one of its greatest strengths is its diversity, the first fifty years of Plymouth Colony stand as a model of what America might have been from the very beginning.

By the midpoint of the seventeenth century, however, the attitudes of many of the Indians and English had begun to change.  With only a fraction of their original homeland remaining, more and more young Pokanokets claimed it was time to rid themselves of the English.  The Pilgrims' children, on the other hand, coveted what territory the Pokanokets still possessed and were already anticipating the day when the Indians had, through the continued effects of disease and poverty, ceased to exist.  Both sides had begun to envision a future that did not include the other.

In the end, both sides wanted what the Pilgrims had been looking for in 1620:  a place unfettered by obligations to others.  But from the moment Massasoit decided to become the Pilgrims' ally, New England belonged to no single group.  For peace and for survival, others must be accommodated. The moment any of them gave up on the difficult work of living with their neighbors - and all the compromise, frustration, and delay that inevitably entailed - they risked losing everything.  It was a lesson that Bradford and Massassoit had learned over the course of more than three long decades.

--Nathaniel Philbrick
Mayflower:  A Story of Courage, Community and War

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taste of Dunwoody 2014 Tickets ON SALE NOW

UPDATE:  via Dunwoody Friends on Facebook 1/21/2014 at 5:00 PM:

Taste of Dunwoody is almost sold out! Only about 70 more tickets left. Tickets sales closes Friday (1/24) at noon. No tickets sales at door. Can't go? Buy a raffle ticket (or 10) to support CHOA and you will be entered to win a beautiful diamond pendant donated by Jewelry Artisans!

January 25, 2014
7:00 PM

On your mark...

Get set...


Tickets to the 2014 Taste of Dunwoody benefiting Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta are on sale NOW and will sell out!  Get them while they last!  Buy online HERE.

I got my sponsorship for SDOC in the mail today (Hi Jill!) so my tickets are squared away.

Here's some shots from 2013 - this is what you will miss when tickets are gone.

I love these guys!  Covers from '70s and '80s.  I double dog dare you not to get up and dance when they're in the groove.  The CHOA ticket site says that the boys will be back for 2014 (I hope...) but their website says they're playing a different gig in Cobb.  Let's hope this gets straightened out.

Yacht Rock's sound guy.  We don't need no stinkin' sound board!  That's an iPad he's using to adjust the mix.  I can think of some sound techs and tour managers from back in the day who are jealous.

Restaurant exhibitors just inside the ballroom door.  Pat and I were grateful that some restaurant sponsors remembered that this night was the first Friday in Lent  and offered vegetarian and seafood samples for those of us who are observant at that time of year.
It was also Valentine's day weekend so no one with a date had any excuses.

On the left, company logo displayed with other sponsors.


Goofball back there is Patrick Conreaux, a neighbor of mine and it's OK if he photobombs us.  He and his wife Suzanne are the owners of Blooms of Dunwoody in Dunwoody Village and they were also sponsors of 2013 TOD.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Light Up Dunwoody 2013

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association sponsors Light Up Dunwoody, the 4th of July Parade, and Food Truck Thursdays.  This was their HQ tent where Stacy, Vanessa, Dennis, Heyward and other board members were distributing membership info to the adults and glow necklaces to the kids.

One of the first mobile vendors I saw as I strolled up to the Farmhouse.  First, food trucks.  Now we have a clothing boutique truck.  Watch for this photo again when I get around to finishing that blog feature on mobile-friendly websites and why they are now an essential part of any web presence.

It's not just a crowd gathering; it's Dunwoody huddling together for warmth from the cold wind!

The "stage", from the 2nd floor balcony, high enough to see.  It's about time they brought a menorah into Light Up.  Back at home, every celebration had a menorah the size of most Christmas trees right alongside the tree itself.  Each day had the right number of candles lit, then it was left lit with the tree all through the Christmas season.  Can that be an added dimension to this Dunwoody tradition?

More huddling for warmth as the sun goes down and all heat goes with it.

The only Light Up attendees that enjoyed the cold!

All lit up!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

INTRODUCING: Wine Shoe Weddings

Earlier this year I announced the new website debut for Wine Shoe Atlanta, a high-end boutique wine shop in the Castleberry Hill district.  Wine Shoe also own an art gallery that makes for a stunning event venue, including for weddings.  Wine Shoe Weddings is a companion to that site.

Like its companion the site is a showcase for the venue:  all of the features and real, candid images of weddings and receptions that have been hosted there.

The audience for this site are age 30 and under, mostly women.   The presentation has to be both technologically interesting and easy to update.  We decided to use an interactive slideshow to scroll through the site's pages horizontally.  There are two mobile variations, one intended for tablets, the other for smartphones to further customize the experience.  Throw "weddings" into the mix and all thoughts go to the traditional.  So you'll see a frame of white satin, lots of gowns and flowers, and a feminine script for the headers.

Wine Shoe Weddings variation, intended for tablets

Smartphone variation of Wine Shoe Weddings.  Each is modified to be viewed comfortably, but the elements like the script and header images are all consistent.
The site structure is much simpler than its counterpart:  the showcase includes a slideshow of actual weddings and receptions at the Wiley Gallery, downloadable brochures and sample contracts, contact form and link to Google Maps for driving directions, and a calendar showing date availability.

The site will grow with entries on the "Currents" blog.  The owner, Nora Wiley is constantly finding new features to enhance the space and the experience and you're likely to seem them promoted on the blog.  As more weddings are held, more slideshow albums will debut.

I finally got to meet my client in person at her shop a couple of weeks ago.  Both the wine shop and the gallery are the ultimate hipster, ITP experiences and it makes you feel really cool knowing where these places are.  Castleberry Hill and Wine Shoe are not hard to find:  only two blocks from the new Falcons stadium site.

(I am soooooo going to get shot for this....)

My tour of the Wiley, featuring new reclaimed pews toward the front of the chapel setup.

A new chandelier is temporarily stored in the old freight elevator shaft.

Across the street, the Fulton Dry Goods company.
This is where the cotton mill/warehouse/office scenes from "Driving Miss Daisy" were filmed.

The best part about working for a wine and special events establishment?  Drinking on the job is not only allowed, its practically a requirement. 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bye Bye Blockbuster Building

The closed Blockbuster/UPS Store site that was the focus of so much contention over area zoning and business development is reduced to rubble.  Watch for another bank coming soon.

The new City of Brookhaven does not believe that home businesses decrease quality of residential life

Brookhaven Chamber focuses on quality of life

(full article in link above)

From the article, emphases added.
Executive Director Arthur Freeman discovered nearly half the business community in Brookhaven work from home, and there is little executive activity in the city.

“So we opted for the livability of the city to become a primary focus of the chamber,” he said.

The chamber staff wants all segments of business to get involved, but has seen a high percentage of entrepreneurs or small business owners who work from home join. The chamber reached out to homeowners associations to collaborate with the home-based businesses.

So the accusation that home business owners reduce quality of life has turned out to be crappola.

Brookhaven is like Roswell and Marietta that also have high rates of home business ownership.

So what's wrong with Dunwoody? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Heneghan? Deutsch? Shortal?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Web Pages!

The first web page was published 23 years ago today on November 13, 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN.

First-ever web page reactivated on 20th anniversary of World Wide Web

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has republished the world’s first web page to celebrate the 20th anniversary of free public access to the World Wide Web.

A CERN employee, Tim Berners-Lee, created the first website in 1989 as part of an effort to facilitate information-sharing between physicists at institutions around the world.

On April 30, 1993, CERN made the World Wide Web available to the public on a royalty-free basis.

The Blast from the Past   

Back in the day where "responsive design" and "ecommerce" and "search engine optimization" weren't even pipe dreams.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nancy Jester for Georgia State Superintendent of Schools

Official Campaign Kickoff Announcement
November 11, 2013
3:30 pm
Playground at Brook Run Park

I plan to be there with my two youngest.  Nancy earned my respect and support when she started her campaign for DeKalb County school board District 1 and my family will continue to support her in this campaign as well.

Official Website:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sometimes You're the Windshield, Sometimes You're the Bug

The unofficial results, awaiting certification as they were posted by runners at polling stations last night:

District 1:  Denny Shortal
District 2:  Jim Riticher
District 3:  Doug Thompson

UNOFFICIAL RESULTSCity Council Post 2 (District 2 Local)
11/06/2013 9:52 AMMercierRiticherWescottWrite-in
102All Saints Church (Mt Vernon East)203.1%30146.5%32750.5%00.0%Me
105Dunwoody Library210.0%840.0%1050.0%00.0%Denny
106St. Luke's Church (Mt Vernon West)479.9%26556.0%16134.0%00.0%Stan juester
107Dunwoody Elementary326.2%29056.5%19137.2%00.0%Stan jester
108Calvary Assembly of God (Dunwoody)0#DIV/0!0#DIV/0!0#DIV/0!0#DIV/0!Denny covered
109Dunwoody Pines (Georgetown Sq)187.0%12849.8%11143.2%00.0%Denny covered
110Peachtree Middle1814.3%8769.0%2116.7%00.0%Bonnie
113Chesnut Elementary350.0%350.0%00.0%00.0%Bonnie
UNOFFICIAL RESULTSCity Council Post 1 (District 1 Local)
11/06/2013 9:52 AMDavisSheltonShortalWrite-in
101N Atlanta Church of Christ (Austin)162.3%24335.5%42662.2%00.0%
105Dunwoody Library132.2%26744.4%32253.5%00.0%
108Calvary Assembly of God (Dunwoody)178.7%6432.7%11558.7%00.0%
109Dunwoody Pines (Georgetown Sq)310.0%826.7%1963.3%00.0%
UNOFFICIAL RESULTSCity Council Post 3 (District 3 Local)
11/06/2013 9:52 AMEadsThompsonWrite-in
102All Saints Church (Mt Vernon East)1354.2%1145.8%00.0%
103Kingsley Elementary26847.4%29752.6%00.0%
104Cong Beth Shalom (Winters Chapel)10539.5%16160.5%00.0%
110Peachtree Middle2762.8%1637.2%00.0%
111Kingswood UMC (Tilly MIll)17053.8%14646.2%00.0%
112North Peachtree Baptist8851.2%8448.8%00.0%
113Chesnut Elementary8752.4%7645.8%31.8%
Results published by the Heyward for Dunwoody Campaign

Time to let the dust settle and get used to the new lineup. We'll see how things work out in January.

It's over, gang.  We're into the holiday prep season.  Let's focus on Hanukkah, Thanksgiving (in that order), Christmas and New Years and see where 2014 takes us.