Friday, November 4, 2011

Dave FM Big Show for Little Voices - Tune in and Pledge!

This weekend is the annual Childrens Miracle Network radiothon, this year broadcast by DaveFM from CHOA-Egelston.  Listen in, call in, and pledge your support for CMN.  Local funds raised STAY local through CHOA hospitals.  Including Scottish Rite in Sandy Springs.  If you're a parent, you've made at least one trip to this establishment, which means you have benefitted from CMN and radiothons just like this one.

My Phi Mu sisters and I will be taking pledges via phone throughout the day.  Stay tuned for pictures on Facebook!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Opportunity Knocking - Return of the Housecall

The other day I received an email from my son's playgroup list about her friend's hairdressing service.  Due to the same life and family demands many of us parents face, she created a new opportunity for herself.  Parts of the email are reproduced below, emphases are added.

Just wanted to share some info in case some of you other moms find it helpful.  I had a hair dresser that I loved before Alexa was born but she got pregnant as well and decided to stay at home with her son.  The fact is she loves cutting and doing hair so in her town she has started going to women's homes on the weekends and doing their hair in the homes to give them the convenience of not having to find someone to watch their kids.  I just recently made contact with her again and every other Friday she drives to Atlanta and does hair  so I got to have my hair done at my house this past Friday.   
She charges $40 for a hair cut, and charged me a total of $135 for a cut, and some high and low lights I'm not sure what her other prices are, but you can email to ask her.   She said a group of ladies in her town get together on a regular basis and have brunch and have her do the their hair in someone's home while the kids play.  She said its a lot of fun and she get mult. people's hair done while others are processing.  Could be a fun event for moms club or a play group at some point for those who wanted to try it.  I asked her if I could share her info and she said sure! 
Her facebook page is:  It has her number and her email on it.  
There is a number of reasons why this so simple idea is so perfect for small businesses in our town.

1)  This is Dunwoody.  You can't throw a stick without hitting a playgroup somewhere.  So if your company markets to moms, dads, and/or kids, you can meet potential customers in a group all at once.  That's a big demographic at your disposal!
2)  Because playgroups and kids' activities are so hard to balance with work (including housework, on top of  "the regular job") any chance to multitask is welcomed.
3)  Housecalls take advantage of a large loophole in the "home business" ordinances.  The Home Occupation laws say that a business owner must jump through a number of SLUP hoops - paperwork, public hearings, etc - to see customers in THEIR OWN home.  However, the ordinance is silent regarding a business owner seeing a customer in the CUSTOMER'S home.  No SLUP, no paperwork, no hearings.  In addition, there is no complaint regarding cars on the street, traffic or other objections that routinely get raised in the SLUP process.  

If your business - storefront or home-based - can be adjusted to provide housecalls, you may open up a whole new customer base and a whole new level of service that sets you apart from others in your field.  It works - I've already tried it!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It was one helluva night last night!
Check out the photos on Patch.
I'll upload some video "views from the swamp" sometime when my desk clears.  In the mean time here's a photo I've been waiting for a month to post.  Nancy, next time, my house.  Go have a hot toddy and get over that cold!

Even Nancy's most mean-spirited detractors are human beings and deserve to be right one day out of the year.

Moving on now to All Saints Day, the real holiday in our family calendar preceded by Halloween.