Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Always the Quiet Ones

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CBS Atlanta 46

The city of Dunwoody announced a plan to create its own school system, separate from DeKalb County.
The issue came up for discussion at Monday night's city council meeting.

"This is good for all the students of Georgia," Dunwoody council member Terry Nall said.

Nall proposed the idea because he would like to see the city of Dunwoody take back control from the county.

"I moved to add changing the state constitution that would allow municipalities to establish independent school systems. Today over 500 cities in the state of Georgia do not have that choice," Nall said.

Nall said the city council plans to ask state legislators to consider a constitutional amendment that will give cities like Dunwoody a choice when it comes to government schools.

"Yeah, I would support that," Dunwoody school parent Marty Fritts said.

Fritts is in favor of the idea, because she was appalled at the mismanagement of funds in DeKalb County.
"I would like to say we'd have more of a voice for sure and a lot of concerned parents around here are active in the schools and we help with PTA, sports, orchestra, band - we're active," Fritts said.

Fritts, like most parents, had one major concern about Dunwoody establishing its own school system.
"I know that the funding would still be a problem because I know it's a small city, Dunwoody, so we don't know where the money would come from," Fritts said.

So CBS Atlanta News questioned Nall to find out how he financially plans to make his concept a reality.
"Where do you get the funding?" CBS Atlanta reporter Adam Murphy asked.

"Well today we're paying a very healthy millage rate to DeKalb County School system. And like when we became a city, we took the millage rate we were paying to the county in municipal services and applied it and it became the millage rate for the city of Dunwoody for our services. And I would expect a very similar situation to occur if we were to go down that path," Nall said.

This proposal is far from reality. City council members have to get state lawmakers on board and then a majority of the state house and senate would have to approve it.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Old Arby's in Williamsburg will be replaced by....


Earlier this year, .I held an officially unofficial poll asking what the community would like to see fill the old Arby's.  After a lot of dancing around with bids submitted then withdrawn and reconsidered, and a long, awkward, silence, the majority of poll voters are getting their wish.  The temporary signs went up this week and the location is expected to start operations by the end of the year.

And there wasn't even a squabble over zoning.

On to the next question.

What would the community like to see replace the New York Butcher Shop that recently closed its Dunwoody location?  (And I am SERIOUSLY pissed about this because they had some of the best custom meat to be found in a neighborhood retail location and I'm not up for trekking all the way over to Sandy Springs for the same items, no matter how addictive their lobster salad, prime tenderloin, and lobster bisque are!)  Of course, if I happen to be in their neighborhood, I'll stop in to feed the addiction.

Comments are open.  Considerations for this location:

Forget "Williamsburg".  The structure was built by the franchisees of Java U who thumbed their noses at the architectural standard and built what they liked.  

Forget about drive-throughs.  The awkward little triangle has no room for expansion.

Great location for visibility.  Traffic - not so much.

Easily take advantage of marketing to built-in population at All Saints.  Anyone willing to adjust their hours to accommodate Sunday afternoons and evenings should do well.  The site is also poised to participate in the 4th of July parade.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

SDOC Welcomes RikEmmett.com

This one is for all of my progressive rock/classic rock fan friends out there.

Effective this morning, SDOC Publishing is providing all development and back-end maintenance services for RikEmmett.com, the official website for former Triumph frontman Rik Emmett in Toronto.

You won't notice any visible changes when you visit.  The current theme by Burning Fire Design will remain.  However I'm climbing down into the back with my digital wrench and doing some major upgrades on the e-Commerce side, with upgraded capabilities for downloadable music and other products, as well as improved functionality for the fan forum and promotional newsletters and assorted other interactive features.  Some time next year, SDOC will provide all hosting services as well.

Helluva way to hit the ground running after Briers North Halloween!  Enjoy!