Wednesday, October 1, 2014

70 + cats removed from Dunwoody home

Another animal hoarding in Dunwoody makes the news.  The 11:00 PM report indicated the home is on Atcheson Lane, on the west side of Dunwoody near Dunwoody Baptist Church and the Branches subdivision.

Investigators say the conditions inside that home were so bad, animal control officers needed hazmat suits to enter.

From news reports around the zoning rewrite ratification 1 year ago this month:

The disagreement over what should be an allowable number of pets took flight after city consultant Kirk Bishop of Duncan Associates said city staff members were recommending a limit of 10 “companion animals” per household, raising the allowable number from the existing limit of three.

But Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch thought picking any number could create problems.

“I think we need to take this number out of here,” she said. “I don’t think we need to tell people they can have 10 dogs. I think we need to regulate the nuisances.”

But wait - there's more!  The homeowners are REPEAT OFFENDERS from 2012, according to the AJC.

Still think that "no limits" on animals is a good idea?  A health hazard has to bring out law enforcement to acknowledge when there's a problem?

I'll take "unintended consequences" for 1000, Alex.  

Halloween in Dunwoody - Game ON!

If you're going to let your community go to hell in a handbasket, do it in style!

Dunwoody has a new outlet of Spirit Halloween, now open in Perimeter Expo Center (Best Buy, Marshalls, Old Navy, etc)

If you're going to come visit us in Briers North on October 31, bring your A-game.  This isn't your Grandmother's Halloween!

More video.  (You can't make this stuff up!)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Opportunity Knocking - a unique twist on Dunwoody sidewalks and park paths?

The product demonstrated was invented and patented in the UK originally for airport runways.  Then it was expanded for use on pedestrian walkways.

Get this - it glows in the dark!

If it is as cost and time effective as is promoted here and not a PITA to maintain, (and is available in the US)  how cool would this be for all of the bike and walking paths being installed and upgraded around Dunwoody?

StarPath press release

Blog Post from Slate