Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nice is the New Black

I took a moment from shovelling up after Halloween to check in with the online opinionating regarding our upcoming elections.  I ran across this gem and just had to share:

Now, just because I won’t talk about what they said, doesn’t mean I can’t say this. Neither one of the candidates who responded agree with me on everything but I still I had some really pleasant email with one of them. This process has taught me what I WILL HAPPILY editorialize about: we need to remember that candidates, no matter how high the office, are people. Yes, real, actual, living breathing people, with lives and families, and their own problems, issues, concerns, experiences and filters. Just because some of their positions differ from mine doesn’t make these guys wrong or stupid or dense or ANYTHING. It just makes them different from me on these particular positions. Period. End of story. We get to make ZERO inferences or conclusions about the rest of their lives. A plus B does not necessarily equal C. 
All of us must step back during our political rhetoric and keep that in mind. It’s time to be nice. 
We need to be nice to Sarah Palin and we need to be nice to Barrack Obama. We need to stop attacking Tea Partiers and Democrats and Republicans. We need to find common ground. Who we pick for Mayor isn’t necessarily going to change America’s political landscape but we can certainly try to start acting differently here in Dunwoody. Shoot, after the name calling during the school districting process, it’s long over due. 
Spread the word: Nice is the new Black.

Dude I have no idea who you are but I'm glad I'm not alone in the universe who sees all of the people in our process as people first, people during the election, and people afterward, no matter how it turns out.

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