Saturday, December 3, 2011

Party at Tiffany's - Pink Pastry Recap

I just got to watch the first two episodes of "Party at Tiffany's" on OWN via DVR after my husband got his annual dose of "It's a Wonderful Life."

Pink Pastry Parlor isn't "exactly" in Atlanta.  It's in that odd northside area where Roswell meets Alpharetta and John's Creek.  I pass it every day taking my kids to school.

Yes, this is a REALITY show.  The program showed Pink Pastry Parlor as it really is.  Tiffany is that bubbly and outgoing All.  The.  Time.  Yes, the bounce-on-the-bed rooms are always decorated that way, they really are that huge, and it is that much fun to have a pillow fight in it.  There really are huge dance parties in the fashion runway room.  Best part of all is they have parties like this for grownups too!  (Guess what's on the next agenda at my Phi Mu alumnae club meeting?)  I was amazed at how many staff were at each party.  ("Parlettes".  HA!!!!!  )  The cupcake tower in the tea party room is the best.  Little girls need a few moments to get used to that, as opposed to the traditional birthday cake.  Once their little eyes see all the dangling crystals they don't see anything else.

My daughter's party wasn't as demanding or insane as the parties they showed.  Thank God.  We just had to scale up for the number of girls at the party.  (My little girl and 15 friends.  And people wonder why I don't have kids' parties at home....)  Cristiana was the one who helped me pick out goody bag loot, cupcake types, sandwiches, and other details.  I had already had a long day, a migraine was setting in, and this had to be done.  Cristiana made it easy and Tiffany made it a blast.  I have video that I will never live down if it gets out.

I can see why Tiffany has a show:  her personality is built for TV.  It's no act for the cameras, it's all natural.  Girl, write a thank-you note to the HR director of the company who laid you off.  Include a DVD of the show.

Let this show be a lesson - if you have a good attitude, a serious work ethic, and you love what you do and shout it to the world, you too can be a success.

Now, to get an indoor play place in Dunwoody....

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