Thursday, March 1, 2012


Join me in taking a break from the bad news about DCSS spending (again....) and the serious work, marketing, taxes, analysis, whatever you're doing at your desk.  I've got my windows open, fans on, and my office has migrated to the dining table on the deck this incredible afternoon.  One day of respite before knuckling down to serious blog fodder.  Enjoy my surprise finds from my otherwise pathetic front and side yards.

Surprise!  I didn't plant violas this year, definitely not where I found them when I took this picture.  But here they are!

My first attempt at lily of the valley.  They're doing well.  This is the first little bell to peek out of the flower stalk.

I LOVE crocuses.  The only thing that would make this patch better is watching them bloom in the snow.

I prefer narcissus to daffodils.  Bumper crop this year.  Their scent is like perfume out  of a bottle, which you can't get with daffodils.

Some of the hellebores are struggling but they keep trying to bloom.

One of the hellebores taking off.  Right next to the bush where the mockingbirds and cardinals are deciding who  is going to nest there.

White hellebores.  Struggling but persistent.

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SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Does anyone have a good approach to rabbit repellent? My late-blooming crocuses are getting nibbled to nubs before the blooms can emerge.

If I don't get an idea soon the solution will involve a rotisserie and a mustard sauce I discovered in France.