Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HGTV's "Elbow Room" is casting in Atlanta

I received this announcement via email from Johlt Productions.

Hi there,

HGTV's Elbow Room is casting in Atlanta!

Does your family sing karaoke? Do you play guitar? Have you always wanted a music room in your house?

Do you work from home? Could you use a home office?

Are you into woodworking? Would you like a home workshop?

Could you use a fitness room in your home?

If so, please fill out these questions and email them to: casting@johlt.com

1. We love pictures! Please make sure to send us pictures of: YOU and YOUR FAMILY, EXTERIOR OF HOME (front and back), and NUMEROUS PHOTOS OF THE PROBLEM AREA/ROOMS. **Please just attach the pictures, do not create a collage or presentation**
2. Name, phone numbers and occupations of home owners
3. Name/ages of all children
4. Address of property
5. Year house was built
6. How long have you lived there?
7. How have you outgrown your home? Please tell us in detail, tell us stories, give examples.
8. What do you love about your neighborhood?
9. What is your ideal renovation?
10. Do you have an area to expand in to? Or would this be an addition?
11. Why do you need our help?
12. How is your life hindered without this renovation?
13. How do you want the space to look/feel after the makeover?

Thank you for taking the time to fully explain your situation. We're excited to learn all that we can!

Elbow Room Casting
JOHLT Productions

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