Saturday, October 20, 2012

What fair?

It's the middle of the weekend and I just happened to see a small sign promoting this fair at lunchtime today.

Does anyone know anything or am I just the last to know?  ;-)

From the meta description:  "The Dunwoody festival & Fair is a Community Festival that celebrates the History and heritage of the City of Dunwoody."


Bob Lundsten said...

I was going to ask the same question.
Let' us know when you find out.
I did here it started as a home based operation but do to too many customers filing the streets, they were foced to go to BR Park.
Oh sorry confusing two topics

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Bob, you're hilarious. BTW, answer your Evite, let me know if you're coming on 10/31. I still say you'd make a great "Dr. Moreau" (Marlon Brando version). Just leave the livestock outside.

Anywho, this post wasn't up for TWO SECONDS when Heneghan called with the 411. A group booked Brook Run for a fair. It was publicized by the CVB on the website but not too many other places that I could see. Folks in charge seem to be the same ones that put on the Sweet Auburn festival. They also opened up a promotional products company with a mail drop address here in town.

Other than that, not much to tell from where I'm sitting.