Sunday, February 17, 2013

INTRODUCING: 2013 State of the City Address

This is an unusual project for SDOC:  there was almost no screen media involved!

There have been times in the past that I have created a website, then formatted the graphics so they could be applied to printed materials.  This one is all print.

Edie gave me a call late last year and asked for some samples of how I would create invitations and signage for State of the City.  As always, the branding style guide standards had to be included and followed.  The result is shown in the invitation to the left and has been scaled up to include all of the directional signs and welcome signage at the entrance.

I got the inspiration for this look from (don't laugh....) invitations to Queen Elizabeth II's garden party at Buckingham Palace.  When it comes to print, it's OK to scale down - small, understated graphics make the greatest, most positive, upscale impression.  Dunwoody's branding graphics are already bold and modern.  So simplicity and subtlety is the key to making them appealing on a keynote event.

State of the City is not "invitation only".  The point of this event is to throw open the doors for all of Dunwoody's residents.  Come on in, have a drink, have nosh, visit with other residents and hear how Mike is going to set the tone for 2013!


Steve Barton said...

Oh, your work does look very nice, too!

Steve Barton said...

But my first comment (that must have disappeared into the electronic ether) was: Where did the "The" in the event title come from?! Just curious!