Friday, September 6, 2013

Innovations in Code Enforcement

Look what crossed my desk this morning

Warning:  not safe for kids/work

Angry Mother of Twins Throws Flaming Diapers at Late Night Firework Shooters

Police were called to a Hillcrest neighborhood early this morning when neighbors reported that a local mom of twins began throwing flaming dirty diapers at a group of people setting off fireworks. 
None of the individuals shooting the fireworks sustained any injuries, although several did have large amounts of child fecal matter on their faces. Police say that the men promptly put away the fireworks and apologized to the angry mother. None of the men are pressing charges according to police.

The ordinance is plentiful and renewable in this city.  Something to think about.

(Calm down!  The story is fiction!  Just for fun!)

Happy Friday!

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