Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

The sets are up, the homeowners putting on final touches, and the tourists are making their final trips.

Shrek and Fiona were stopped in their tracks by this sight:

So work isn't going to continue on Shrek's Swamp.

That's the story we're telling everyone.

But seriously folks....

Between someone being sick at one time or another plus my 3-year-old son's first official experience in trick-or-treating, we're going to focus on the kids and their fun this year.  We'll come up with something funny and gross to revive Shrek in 2014.

If you're coming to see us in Briers North, here are the guidelines.  Remember to park legally and respect any "no parking" signs you see on Tilly Mill Road.

The passing out of candy begins at 6:00pm and stops at 9:00pm. No one is admitted to the subdivision after 8:30pm.

We start closing the subdivision to automobile traffic at 5:45pm and we do not reopen until 9:30pm.

 There isNO parking inside Briers North subdivision. If you park outside, please do so legally. Depending on their evening activities, the North Peachtree Baptist Church (corner of Tilly Mill & Peeler) sometimes donates their parking lot for anyone wishing to park there, with proceeds being given to the Boy Scouts.

Trick-or-treating in Briers North on Halloween is AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is a public event on public streets and is NOT sponsored by any association or group. Briers North assumes no liability or responsibility for visitors.

NO pets are allowed during this time (they get scared and some of the children get scared!)

If you enjoyed Halloween in Briers North in the past, or plan to visit this year, please consider giving a small donation. Donations help to make this a safe event for everyone and are gratefully received!

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