Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The new City of Brookhaven does not believe that home businesses decrease quality of residential life

Brookhaven Chamber focuses on quality of life

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From the article, emphases added.
Executive Director Arthur Freeman discovered nearly half the business community in Brookhaven work from home, and there is little executive activity in the city.

“So we opted for the livability of the city to become a primary focus of the chamber,” he said.

The chamber staff wants all segments of business to get involved, but has seen a high percentage of entrepreneurs or small business owners who work from home join. The chamber reached out to homeowners associations to collaborate with the home-based businesses.

So the accusation that home business owners reduce quality of life has turned out to be crappola.

Brookhaven is like Roswell and Marietta that also have high rates of home business ownership.

So what's wrong with Dunwoody? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Heneghan? Deutsch? Shortal?

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