Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Disney Junior Channel looking for "unique" homes to shoot promo videos

News alert from Film Friendly Georgia.

If you're interested, don't delay - they are scouting locations fitting the description below immediately.

The City of Dunwoody does not require a SLUP for this type of commercial activity in a home, so the City of Dunwoody will not require paperwork from homeowners.  (Only the production crew.)  But if you are willing to engage in this or any other media activity, please be a good neighbor to the homeowners around yours:

  • Advise them well in advance of the shoot schedule.  One day is not enough.
  • Speak with your neighbors in person.  Taping a flyer to a mailbox is not only illegal, (per US Postal Inspector) but comes across as rude.
  • Make every effort to mitigate any inconvenience to other homeowners.  Listen to their concerns, even the cranky NIMBY ones.  Convey them to the producers and advise the film crew how to avoid encroaching on neighbors property and driveways.
  • Remember, other home business owners can be cited for merely having a "commercial vehicle" parked in front of their house.  Even if you are not bound by the same standards, they're good to follow for film crews as well.


The Disney Junior digital cable and satellite television network is scouting for a very unique home to feature in an upcoming series of on air promos that will feature young children embracing the fantasy of being their favorite Disney character in the confines of their lovely home.

Production is planning to film over a three day period of filming- PLUS one prep and one wrap day – July 15-19, 2014.

The key attributes of the home Disney Junior is hoping to find and film within 30 miles of Atlanta are:

• Approx. 4000 square feet home.
• 2 car garage would be helpful for green screen.
• Nice GREEN GRASS sod yard. Rolling hill a bonus
• Needs wooded- forest like area near or behind…hope to have sidewalk.
• The look is typical American Suburban w/ Pottery Barn & Crate Barrel stylings not Ikea or Modern.
• 4 to 6 bedrooms or rooms that could play as bedrooms for children. Cast will be 4 - 6 years of age.
• Fantasy request girls bedroom w/ built in stage.
• Would like to allow wardrobe/mu and bathrooms in house.
• A deep back yard – maybe 25 feet or larger wide. Portion of yard fenced in.
• Nice Large Kitchen and or dining room
• Other attribute requests will surface later during pre-production.

Because of the impending July 4th holiday, the required bi-coastal location approvals, prop preparations and the permitting process, all scouting needs to hopefully be finished by this Thursday, June 26.

Please send pics to TODAY. We will be touring locations tomorrow/Wednesday.


Wanda Morganstern had this wild idea during a conversation with a location manager while on set. With all the film work pouring into Georgia, it seemed silly to not have a comprehensive database of locations where the property owners have already agreed to have their property used for filming!!

Solace, starring Anthony Hopkins, was FFG's first location for a film and we haven't looked back!!

20+ years of commercial real estate experience in Atlanta and throughout the state allowed Wanda to create a company that eases the process for location managers while representing the property owners to the film and TV industry. The FFG team brought hundreds of locations to the table and our database was born! Within a few chaotic months that wild idea turned into Film Friendly GA.

As Georgia's film industry continues to grow, FFG makes the job of searching for locations easier for the entire film production team.

Please let us know if you'd like your property included in our database!

See you in the movies!
Wanda & the FFG team
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