Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SDOC Never Closes. Neither do our clients.

“Power couple” Stan Jester, left, and his wife Nancy meet at their kitchen table.

The Jesters joke they soon will offer DeKalb taxpayers “one-stop shopping.”

“It’s one-stop shopping for people who want to complain [about county taxes or school problems],” Nancy Jester said. “You just call a Jester.”

Read the full article at the Dunwoody Reporter.


Small business owners and other local establishments (politicos?) in Dunwoody always have a part of their mind on work.  Nancy's new site as Commissioner is on the holiday to-do list in my house.  (Yes, it too involves a kitchen table when my office gets claustrophobic.)  Other local Dunwoody-area businesses are on the docket as well and will be launched in early 2015.

And with that, the Duncans start getting ready for the childrens Mass at All Saints.  Merry Christmas, everybody!  I'll probably be at my desk the day after tomorrow!

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