Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Google Fiber Redux: Read the Fine Print and Watch For Details

Google Fiber coming to 9 metro Atlanta cities
(but not Dunwoody)

Almost a year ago I posted some questions about Google Fiber's service that no one outside of the hardcore tech community was asking.  Many elected officials (eg, Kasim Reed) and others closer to home are going gaga over the idea of internet connections that seem to be as fast as thought.  But technology has a price and it is never Utopia.

First - here is the original post:   Google Fiber: Is anyone reading the fine print?

Second - why are our elected officials (in Dunwoody as well as other cities) not asking the questions I raised in the post?

My opinion about Dunwoody's omission from the plan still stands:  it's not a setback.  Google's decision plants our city squarely in the catbird seat.  Kasim Reed and other local mayors want to rush headlong into new technology, no questions asked.  I say, let 'em.  Let them take all the risks, endure the complaints, stumble across the problems, and work their way out of it.  Dunwoody can sit back, feet comfortably elevated, enjoying a cool beverage, and taking notes about what works well and what doesn't.  Dunwoody can learn about the quality of Google Fiber services and logistics without having to make an irrevocable commitment.

Before writing my original post in the above link, I researched the Internet for days.  I found terms of service after some serious digging.

But my Google search was almost silent about real-life customer experience and satisfaction (or lack of) with the service.

That lack of information alone should speak volumes.

I found *one* article describing a homeowner's real-life experience w/ Google Fiber installation and usage:
Basking in the Glow of Google Fiber: A Hands-On Experience With Gigabit Internet

So we have one anecdote filled with pros and cons.  But it was from 18 months ago with no updates.  I'm glad Dunwoody can wait and see if that experience is repeated closer to home before we have to decide if the experience is worth the work to bring the service to our own homes.

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