Tuesday, June 30, 2015

INTRODUCING: Georgians for Local Area School Systems (GLASS)


Georgians For Local Area School Systems is an advocacy group working to amend the Georgia Constitution to allow the formation of independent school districts in order to improve student learning and graduation rates.  

GLASS representatives contacted me earlier this year after I completed Nancy Jester's commissioner website as they were getting ready for the new legislative season.  They needed a website that was modern, credible, and easy to maintain so it will become a resource for both the general citizenry and elected officials.  The logo was created by Heyward Wescott and the site theme was customized to match.

The website itself is in WordPress with a few easy add-ons to display a calendar, a Facebook feed, and multiple infographic slideshows.  We completed the text information last night and set up the menu so more can be added when the time comes.

SDOC is pleased to support our community in this effort.  The strength of any municipality relies in part on the strength of its schools.  If the current status quo isn't doing the job, then it's time to try a new idea.


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