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I Like Big Bugs and I Can Not Lie... Dunwoody Food Truck Thursdays Aug 20 and Comparison Lobster Dining

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8/20/15 @ Brook Run Park 5 PM until Dark

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Know Your Lobster Truck 

 No one was happier than I was when the lobster trucks started showing up at Food Truck Thursdays!  My family have been New Englanders going back into the 17th century so seafood and lobster rolls are a dietary requirement.

The offerings between the two trucks in metro Atlanta are not the same.  This is your PSA before you head ot to Dunwoody Food Truck Thursdays, or any other regional food truck gathering.

Tasting Maine (appearing tonight) and Cousins Lobster have been making the rounds in Dunwoody.

I have no idea which one was actually founded first; our family visited Tasting Maine before Cousins.

Tasting Maine

Cousins Lobster

Cousins Lobster was created by two Maine natives and is franchised around the country.  The menu-board-side of the truck features a celebrity collage of the owners mugging with the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Barbara Corcoran of "Shark Tank" who became a company investor after the owners appeared on her show.

Tasting Maine was created in and is local to Atlanta.  Not a lot of other company info is available.

Comparing the goods:

Both trucks provide the traditional lobster sandwich offerings:  the Traditional Maine (cold poached lobster with mayo - best for hot summer evenings) and the Connecticut (warm lobster with drawn butter dressing.  Wait til the weather cools for that one, trust me.)  Cousins Lobster sticks to a variety of lobster concoctions with a limited amount of sides.  Tasting Maine starts with lobster and runs the gamut of Maine seafood including fried clams, haddock, and tuna.

A Traditional Maine Roll at Cousins' will run about $13 (don't make that face, fresh lobster isn't cheap down here).  At Tasting Maine, it runs about $18 and change.  The difference is partially in the side offerings.  Cousins lobster rolls are sold a la carte with small sides like tater tots or bisque/chowder available separately.  Tasting Maine offers a complete meal with seasoned french fries, cole slaw, and a pickle spear.

The rolls themselves are also different.  Each time DWG has visited one of these trucks, the Tasting Maine lobster roll was noticeably larger with more lobster than the Cousins truck.

Whichever truck is present on any given Thursday (they're never in Dunwoody at the same time) grab a beer from Moondog before you get in line.  You'll stay cool a lot longer in the evening.


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