Monday, November 16, 2015

Can You DIG Infrastructure Improvements?

The following blurb came via the City of Dunwoody e-news updates.  It's easy to get antsy when you see workers near your property and you may not have gotten a heads-up.

AT&T is installing their fiber optic cables and AGL is doing some work on their system.  Call the utility company directly (numbers below) with concerns.  (Read:  don't call the City of Dunwoody, they'll direct you to the utility.)

Many of the commercial areas and some neighborhoods in Dunwoody have recently received visits from utility crews such as AT&T or AGL. At any given time, a number of utilities could be performing general infrastructure, transmission and equipment upgrades for their established services in the city. Oftentimes these utility providers are conducting work in the right-of-way adjacent to streets, businesses and residential properties. Though the work is permitted through the city of Dunwoody the contractors performing the work are hired directly by the utility companies. Concerns related to work being done in the area should be directed to the primary utility provider by calling AT&T (fiber optic installation projects being performed by Ansco) at 800.278.8213 or AGL at 404.584.3142.

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