Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dunwoody Town Hall Meeting on January 21, 2016

Use the Connect Dunwoody page to submit topics you would like to see discussed at this event.

(Click on "Town Hall 2016" under the "Open Topics" tab to add your feedback.)

Connect Dunwoody requests your address (which is kept private) so that those reviewing the responses can see where they are coming from.  As in which Dunwoody district, or from outside the city.

Anyone can answer and there is one vote/comment per person.

Event details:
Dunwoody Town Hall
All Saints Catholic Church Social Hall (the building next to the sanctuary, closest to the driveway/parking lot)
2443 Mt. Vernon Road
6 PM til 8 PM

Deadline to request a topic for discussion is 12 noon on January 21.

My first request will be to have a live video feed via YouTube, Meerkat, Periscope, Vimeo, etc.  Looking at my calendar I already know that 2 of my children have after-school activities and then I have to get dinner on the table and then my husband may not make it home in time for me to make a 6 PM meeting, and the youngest child has a 6:30 PM bath time.  Listening via streaming media is the only option many of us have to be informed of the conversation.

I'd also like to recommend accepting follow-up questions and commentary via Twitter or similar social media.  Again, this may be the only way of receiving real-time feedback from the demographics that are not able to attend in person.

Third paragraph, same feedback - when will the video on the agendas/minutes management system on the city website be upgraded to function in all browsers (instead of just Internet Explorer) and on mobile devices?

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