Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association has NOT voted to endorse the Crown Towers Proposal as of March 15.

The article printed in last week's Crier was disputed the moment the exec board became aware of it.

The DHA posted the following statement to its website and social media:

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association (DHA) wishes to correct errors reported in an article published today in the Dunwoody Crier newspaper.
The DHA has been negotiating with Crown Properties the terms by which the DHA may or may not endorse a zoning change which would allow for the construction of two residential towers on property that was formerly the home of the Gold Kist company. These negotiations are ongoing and no conclusion has been reached as of this date.
The Crier incorrectly reported that the DHA board voted to endorse the residential construction.
The Dunwoody Homeowners Association wishes to correct this report. The DHA has not voted to take any action to endorse or oppose the zoning changes that would allow the residential additions.
The DHA voted to develop a list of potential conditions. The DHA’s approval was and remains contingent on reaching an agreement with the developer on those conditions. Some of these conditions involve concessions it is unlikely that the developer will agree to make.
When the DHA board takes a vote on this matter, it will distribute a statement of the result on its website, social media, and via email.
For further information, please contact the DHA.
A letter was printed in today's Crier repeating this statement but the Crier has decided to stand by the story.

A more accurate account was posted in the Dunwoody Reporter newspaper.


The DHA's intent has always been to determine if the developers were willing to negotiate standards that would enable the DHA to endorse the development.  To date, that has not happened.

Any reports in other outlets claiming the DHA has issued endorsement or approval of this project based on the Crier's report are just as inaccurate.

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