Thursday, April 21, 2016

(UPDATE) Hail Caesar Truck on fire on I-85 Dunwoody food Truck Thursday - April 21

We interrupt this Food Trucks menu for some announcements.

Happy Anniversary to my husband and best friend Patrick!

Now for the not so happy news....
AP wire just announced that Prince has died....

A friend reported to me via text that the Hail Caesar food truck was on fire on she shoulder of I-85 at Clairmont.  The driver was laid out on the side of the road with medical team attending him, while a fire truck was hosing down the engine of the truck.  No word on if this will affect Pressed for Time as (I believe...) they are owned by the same company.  If anyone has updates, please post them in the comments.

Musical Guest:   Highbeams 
Adult Beverages: Moondog Growlers


See you at Brook Run Park, 5 - Dark

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