Wednesday, August 17, 2016

DHA Speakers Stream Live on Social Media

I started this experiment a couple of months ago to determine the best method of documenting Dunwoody Homeowner Association speakers.  No matter what meeting night you pick, there's someone who's interested and can't make it.  Plus, there are those whose only source of information are news articles which are limited by definition and get reinterpreted far and wide.

For ease of use, I'm currently streaming to Facebook and then leaving the videos open to sharing and embedding.  Please DO share - good decisions are made with good information and video documentation is the best standard we have.

My FB videos (not all of these are DHA):

Watch for announcements on FB and Twitter when a DHA meeting is coming up.

To start off, here are our speakers from August 14

Seth Weissman and his talk about city policy making and the DHA

Transwestern development proposal

Proposal for "farm house car wash" corner - new neighborhood scale restaurant?

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