Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Candlelight Vigil for Las Vegas TONIGHT -Tuesday - in Dunwoody

Reposted from the Dunwoody Homeowners Association Facebook page.

We are all stunned by the horrific tragedy unfolding in Las Vegas last night and today.

In response and solidarity, we have secured a permit to have a candlelight vigil in Brook Run park (the front field) starting at 8:30 today (Tuesday) night.

The vigil will last no more than 30 minutes.

There will be no protests, or speakers, just a chance for our community to come together in grief.

Please invite your family, friends and anyone else who wants to feel the warmth of our community at this terrible time. Feel free to share on Social Media!


Candles or flashlights
Weather appropriate clothing
No signs (it will be dark anyway)

This gathering is intended to be non-political.  

Elected officials and candidates:  I challenge you to actually keep your politics aside.  That is far more than just repeating the words "non-political".  

City Council members:  your constituents are not expendable or disposable.  Use this event as an opportunity to live out that standard.

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