Friday, April 13, 2018

Making WHAT Place???

This week's Atlanta Business Chronicle includes a "Dunwoody Market Report" with several major articles and op-ed pieces

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A few things jumped out at me in the hotel-related articles.

City hotels undergoing major renovations

Dunwoody makes a place for green space

Our Convention and Visitors Bureau is using this article and other outlets to promote Dunwoody hotels and the development of greenspace features for those hotel visitors.

So what's the problem?

Last weekend I attended a major conference at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia.   The leader of the host organization is a friend of mine.  We talked about the hotel and amenities and other moving parts of the conference.

She had NO idea that the hotel was in Dunwoody!

During the conference, Governor Deal visited and welcomed the attendees to the "City of Atlanta".
The governor of the state of Georgia had no idea he was speaking in Dunwoody.

How is that even possible??

Let's look at the hotels section of the CVB website.

According to the Dunwoody CVB, there are no hotels in Dunwoody.
They're all in "Atlanta".

Here's a screenshot:

Three hotels are listed in this image; if you visit the page, the rest of the hotels listed also give their address as "Atlanta".

With all of the chatter about "place making" and "Shape Dunwoody" and other slogans being tossed around in press releases, would it really be so hard to get some agreement and consistency about the name of the "place" being made?

Dunwoody.  D-U-N-W-O-O-D-Y.  

We really need our CVB and other agencies to get on board with reinforcing the city's NAME before delving into the minutiae of academic "place making".

Earlier this month, I received an email sent to the DHA from the Convention & Visitors Bureau office about the promotional efforts their agency was making.

I replied via email and pointed out the inconsistency between their bureau and the city listed in the address of "Dunwoody's" hotels.

They didn't answer.

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Dunwoody CVB said...


I would love to talk with you more about this, but wanted to address a few things in your post. The first is that the hotels and their corporate brands choose to be referred to as Atlanta in their names and addresses. Not only does this help tie them to Atlanta since that's the big draw, but also for SEO purposes, which I'm sure you understand. More people are searching for Atlanta hotels than Dunwoody hotels - if we can appear when people search Atlanta, we have a much better chance of getting them to stay in Dunwoody.

It's always been a struggle to get groups to identify as being in Dunwoody versus Atlanta, for us and the dozens of other Metro Atlanta CVB's. As you know, City and County lines can be confusing, and most people see it as a metro region. Hopefully over time we can continue to expand awareness and branding so that groups and visitors know they are in Dunwoody. But at the end of the day, if their heads are in Dunwoody...we are happy!

Hope this answers a few of your concerns but I am happy to . This is an exciting time in Dunwoody and there's no doubt great things are ahead for our entire City!

Katie Williams
Executive Director
Dunwoody CVB