Saturday, July 13, 2019

Dunwoody's Elections Were Originally Non-Partisan

And yet, we have these text messages posted to Twitter.

If Dunwoody's elected offices become openly driven by political parties, will Dunwoody be better or worse?

Which of our current city council members are supporting partisan recruitment of candidates?

Which of our current county commissioners are supporting partisan recruitment of candidates?

Which of our state elected officials support changing Dunwoody to a partisan elected body?

How will Dunwoody voters know which candidates are running to serve Dunwoody and which ones are running to serve their political party?

Is there a money trail?  If so, where does it lead?

The original tweet where these images were distributed:

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Unknown said...

I wonder if anyone would care if the Republicans did this? They haven't had to - In the 18 years I have lived here the nonpartisan county commission and school board seats have always been held by very conservative Republicans. In 10 years of city government, only one current councilperson has been an active Democrat in their spare time. The only other one I know of who let it be common knowledge he was a Democrat lost his seat to someone campaigning as more conservative.

Personally, I welcome this; anything to get some more diverse opinions in city government; or at least a contested seat once in a while. When even seats with no incumbent are uncontested, it gives me the impression that this is all decided in some back room somewhere.