Friday, April 29, 2016


Service for Halle Scott (DDD)
Visitation: Sunday, May 1st at 4:00 PM in the parlor at Dunwoody United Methodist Church
Funeral Service: Sunday, May 1st at 5:00 PM in the DUMC sanctuary

Reception: Immediately following the service in the Fellowship Hall at DUMC

Monday, April 25, 2016

Websites need spring cleaning too! 5 Tips to stay up to date

The pollen season has passed; the scrub-the-pollen-off-of everything season is in progress.

Over the past couple of weeks I've done audits and website upgrades for some clients who took a look at their websites and realized they needed a refresher.

You can follow these tips too and decide if you should spruce up your website:

1)  Make sure your design is current

Yes, I'm going to be a broken record on this one.  If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, websites have to accommodate both large and small mobile screens to be relevant to today's user.  If your design is more than 3 years old, or does not display well on small screens, it's time for a makeover.

Here's one I did for long-time SDOC client and Dunwoody CPA Susan Renegar.  Her first website was a single billboard, and it did the job for a number of years:

Then 2009 and the Mobile Explosion hit.   Susan's website was still just one page, but it needed a fresh look to the still-current content:

Here's the result:

Best of all, this new version is easy to use on all devices, including an iPhone.

2)  Sit and read your content.  And look at your pictures.

You wanted to manage your own website to save money.  But it was hard to schedule time to update your text and pictures, or even your store inventory.  How's that working for you?  Your search engine results are probably saying, "Not so much".  Search engines just looooooooove text content that changes frequently.  Spend some time reading your website, or get a friend or relative to do it for a really fresh insight.  Then either use your control panel to change your text, or get back in touch with your webmaster to update it.

3)  Are your add-ons up to date?

If you are using a popular open-source content management system like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, then you probably have some add-on functionality to add more features to your site.  These are called Plugins, Extensions, or Modules, respectively.    All of these CMS connect to a central database that scans your plugins and versions to make sure they are up to date.  Take a look at what you are using to generate a contact form or a calendar, or a store, or whatever.  Consult with your webmaster to see if there's a better way of displaying or integrating your content.  Ask them to get rid of duplicate functions, or if your features can be added more efficiently.  Keeping your website software up to date is a key defense against hacking.

4)  The hands-on database cleanout.

For those of you who are CMS afficianados.  You probably know how to install your plugins, etc.  You also know how to "uninstall" them.  But did you know that the data gets left behind in the database after you delete an obsolete plugin?  Just because you follow the advice above and delete unneeded plugins (even going through the uninstall process) doesn't mean that the space-hogging database entries are gone.  Most plugins do not "clean up after themselves" upon uninstall, even though they are supposed to.  (WordPress is notorious for this.)  A database administrator should access the database directly and make sure that obsolete "orphan" data is gone from the database tables.  You'll be amazed at how much faster your website runs without unneeded data getting loaded.  (WARNING:  this task is NOT a DIY project, or for a casual web designer.  This requires a skilled database administrator who knows how to make a backup before starting work and knows how to remove data without damaging anything.)  

5)  The obvious:  check your contact information

Company employees get added, other employees leave but their email addresses can last forever.  make sure your email links or contact forms so that data doesn't go to people who are no longer with your organization.  Always check your website if you change email addresses so you don't miss important customer leads.

Bonus Tip:  make Spring Cleaning a quarterly affair.  Schedule a reminder to evaluate these steps every quarter.  Stay in touch with your web developer to keep your software from going out of date or content from going stale.  Maintenance is a lot easier when you only have to do a little at a time to stay on top.  Just like at home.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

(UPDATE) Hail Caesar Truck on fire on I-85 Dunwoody food Truck Thursday - April 21

We interrupt this Food Trucks menu for some announcements.

Happy Anniversary to my husband and best friend Patrick!

Now for the not so happy news....
AP wire just announced that Prince has died....

A friend reported to me via text that the Hail Caesar food truck was on fire on she shoulder of I-85 at Clairmont.  The driver was laid out on the side of the road with medical team attending him, while a fire truck was hosing down the engine of the truck.  No word on if this will affect Pressed for Time as (I believe...) they are owned by the same company.  If anyone has updates, please post them in the comments.

Musical Guest:   Highbeams 
Adult Beverages: Moondog Growlers


See you at Brook Run Park, 5 - Dark