Monday, October 17, 2011

Even MORE Dunwoody Music Festival updates

I've been working on this all night and I"m beat so here's the latest, without anything fancy to dress it up:

FAQ - read it, use it, love it, live it.

Printable Map of the festival layout

Updated Marketplace listing - including a printable to bring with you the day(s) of

Gallery - always in progress, I'm expecting to add to it.

Partial set list of the Saturday concert with Stars of 80s Rock.  I'm really excited for this and no, I can't tell you the rest of it or I'd have to shoot you.

FYI, reserved "chastain" seating is SOLD OUT.  That means the general admission seats are going to fly if you don't grab 'em now.  The site counter is about to explode from all the TV commercials on Channel 46.

Nitey-nite.  See you at the Chamber's Candidate Forum on Wednesday

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