Sunday, June 30, 2013

UPDATED. Christmas For Kids Returns Early in 2013

Report on drive by CBS Atlanta News

Dunwoody Police are starting a special Christmas For Kids drive this weekend (June 29 & 30) to assist the 10 families that were displaced by the fire at Lacota Apartments this week.

From Channel 11 (with video)

60 residents displaced by DeKalb County apartment fire

Photo from Dunwoody Police via Facebook

From Dunwoody Police via Facebook

Christmas for Kids is being called to action! As some of you might already know, an entire building at the Lacota Apartments was lost to a fire on Wednesday June 26th. We’ve learned that 10 families lost everything. Fortunately, the families were relocated to other apartments in the same community but are in need of clothing of all sorts for young and old, males and females. Household goods and non-perishables are also needed. We’re partnering with our friends at I Care Atlanta and coordinating a weekend clothing and food drive. If you’d like to donate come to the Georgetown Plaza and look for the I Care Atlanta truck and Dunwoody Police Van. Personnel will be on sight. Donation times are as follows:
Saturday June 29th 9 AM to 1 PM
Sunday June 30th 1 PM to 5 PM
If you have any questions contact Sgt. Fidel Espinoza at 678-382-6913.

DPD will also post updates on this drive via their Facebook page. They are also willing to make arrangements to pick up larger items (furniture, etc) if you contact Sgt Espinoza above for details.

The apartment complexes on PIB are just as much a part of Dunwoody as any other community or subdivision.  Let's turn out in force and get these families the help they need in this tough time.  It's the same thing we would call for in support of any other family or homeowner in town.

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