Saturday, September 20, 2014

SDOC Supports Nancy Jester for District 1 Commissioner

Today saw the launch of Nancy Jester's official campaign website.  Even though there is a lot of work happening in my office and with my clients, I believe Nancy is the best person for DeKalb County Commissioner and I am willing to put my keystrokes where my mouth is.

You can do everything from here - peruse the news, Nancy's social media, make a contribution to the campaign, and order a yard sign.  There is a listing of upcoming "meet and greet" opportunities so if you want to see the woman speak in person and ask your own questions, you'll have your chance.

There's even a built-in function to display income and expenditures of her office.  ;-)  That's a check register, folks.  All ready to go.

Vote November 4 for Nancy Jester for DeKalb County Commission.  The only woman in the race with no ties to the previous administration.

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