Tuesday, March 17, 2015

INTRODUCING: Commissioner Nancy Jester | www.nancyjester.com

Nancy won her runoff election in December and that's when the work really began.  After building and running the campaign website, Nancy asked me to stay on build her Commissioner's site as well.

After the usual discussions, examining samples, listing content needs, I was assigned to design the interface, then hand it off to the technical staff (Hi Stan!) to make final edits and implement the content.

This is not a stereotypical open source CMS site like WordPress.  This interface was custom-built, line by line and item by item to unique specifications.  AND - as always, all of the elements have to be responsive.

I'll be around for tech support where it's needed but Nancy's staff is going to handle it from here.  Thanks so much to the campaign and to the Commissioner's staff for allowing me a place in this project.

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