Monday, March 23, 2015

INTRODUCING: Timberhood Consulting, LLC

SDOC's latest launch is a classic story that could only be Dunwoody.  Two local businesses who make waves on a large scale also work together locally.  Dunwoody has a growing number of local entrepreneurs.  25% of all business licenses are issued to home-based businesses and many of those have a national or  international reach.   These entrepreneurs are regular fixtures in the community too.   It was great to work with Bryan after attending Mass and school carpools for years.

Timberhood Consulting LLC provides engineering design and consulting all around Atlanta.  If you have spent any time downtown, especially around Georgia State or Georgia Tech, you've seen their work.

Bryan's previous site was all in Adobe Flash(R).  It was the state of the art several years ago but today it was impossible to keep updated and invisible on mobile devices.  Bryan's site needed to match his logo and branding, and be easy to update by posting articles related to each area of expertise.

The result is this WordPress based website with an array of slideshows.  The front page is an assortment of images.  Each specialty page contains a slideshow of a brief article and image related to current projects.  Best of all, new content can be added to any of these slideshows through a single interface making it fast and easy to add the latest news.  

The slideshows are also connected to Twitter:  they are automatically posted to that social network when a new article is published.

And - as always:  the site is responsive and is just as readable on your smartphone as on a large screen.
Take a look at a Dunwoody neighbor's portfolio at  

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