Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introducing... The YPODs!
I've been working on this project for several months.

The YPODs are the Young Professionals of Dunwoody, a committee of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce that was designed specifically for the needs of young professionals ages 21 - 35.   The YPOD site is a "subsite" within the main Chamber web complex.

This demographic needed two things:  1)  an image that is slick, hip, and upscale in a sense that appeals to a generation that was born with a cell phone in its hand - that is, radically different from the primary Chamber site and 2) a layout that was easily adaptable to mobile devices.  Everything had to be mobile ready, on any brand of device. 

I decided to create a theme that mimicked the standard iPhone graphic and utilized a grid layout of icons that resembled an app.  There is no menu, just a "Home" link on each page.  But it's still a website, and appears the same whether you're looking at a desktop, laptop, tablet/iPad, or smartphone.  There's no mistaking the YPODs for any other committee or initiative of the Chamber.  A blog is maintained by YPOD committee members.  Prospective members can even join through the online registration form, or contact the leadership with questions.

Most of all, the site is usable by any mobile device.

<---  Try it!

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