Friday, September 9, 2011

Music Festival Updates

Yes, I actually do "work", despite a bunch of posts that seem contrary.

Some major movement on the Music Festival site.

First, the Chili Cook-Off is "on hiatus", meaning "not happening in 2011".  Don't shoot the messenger I just post what they tell me.

However the Battle of the Bands is back!  I just wrote up an online registration form last night and an update on the main page.  Registration fee is $30.  Perform to win an opening act gig at the Georgia Theater in Athens.  Moms and Dads if the teens have a band that has taken over the garage and is driving you out of your tree with the jam sessions, get them focused on something serious!

Here's the Battle info page

Here's the registration page.  You can upload an MP3 as an audition clip but your life and the lives of the festival staff will be easier if you link to a website with your music on it.

The new Young Adult Zone will be rounded out with a "Break Down" contest.  I'll post the 411 as soon as I get it.

Finally the Food Vendor application has been reopened.  This is your last chance to sell food at the Festival.  Sign up ASAP because once I get the Word From On High, it gets closed again.

Check out the Volunteer app and the Submit your pictures forms.  I'm working on the photo gallery as we speak (type?)  Festivals function with volunteers and it's the only way to get a true inside look.

Best place for questions is Oktober Productions at

No time off for me.  I'm back to the gold mines all the way through Monday.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Bob Lundsten said...

You would think in a world where we have severe traffic issues, a Parks Bond plan that screams social engineering and land banks and a UGA footbal team starting 0-2that there was enough bad news in the world.
But now I hear the Chili Cook-off is cancelled?
They must have heard that Rick and I were working on a secret recipe that would have DOMINATED both the professional and amateur categories.
It is tough to hold a cook-off when you know the outcome. I completely understand.

Brent M said...

No worries Bob. The Chili Cook-off will be back. The timing just wasn't right this year (leading up to elections). We might hold it as a separate event, or in conjunction with another. Cheers