Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

Everything we do on a computer today - streaming movies and animation, picking out a font in our email, to animated apps on our phone - is because of Steve Jobs and Apple Computer.  They're the reason I have a job today, and impacts every bit of my design and programming choices.

My family got its first computer - a Mac Plus - when I was 14.  I remember being fascinated by the "mouse" and how I had to sync an audio tape with the "Intro" program to follow the tutorial instructions.

My sophomore year in college, I was the only person on the dorm floor to have a computer - this time a Mac SE.  TWO floppy disk slots and an external hard drive.  I was hot sh*t in a champagne glass and I knew it.  The MacPaint program saved my life in the sterochemistry chapter of Organic Chemistry 204.  With my ImageWriter 2 printer I had the best documents in Warren Towers and the grades to show for it.

Today, whenever I create a website (especially the Dunwoody Chamber and a number of new projects coming up) a key question is "How is this going to look on an iPhone?"  "Do we need to make this mobile?"  The answer to that last one isn't always "yes" but it always has to be considered.

Rest in peace, Steve.  You did it - you changed the world.  I think for the better.

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Paula Caldarella said...

What a gift Steve Jobs was to the world. He'll be sorely missed.