Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Independent We Stand

If you've visited before, you've probably noticed the first image in the left sidebar.  Independent We Stand is a nationwide movement of locally-owned businesses that is dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of "buying local".  While large corporations have an important role, small businesses have one as well.  Small businesses return more of their income back into their local communities.  Shopping at locally-owned businesses where possible directly supports your own neighbors.

IWS is building a nationwide database of locally-owned businesses, searchable by city, state, and ZIP code.   Visitors to this site are specifically looking to shop at local enterprises and support the local economy.   If you search on "30338", you'll find some familiar names:  including yours truly, the Happy Sumo restaurant at Perimeter Pointe, the Ace Hardware in Dunwoody Village, and the Dunwoody Tavern, and many others.

Your listing is free, with no strings attached.  You can have a listing even if you don't have a website.   Local means locally owned - whether home based or brick-and mortar.  Since we local operations don't have huge advertising budgets every extra bit of ad space makes a huge difference.  Any questions?  Drop them an email, ask for Bill Brunelle, the project manager and tell him I sent you.  Bill is a cool guy.

While we're on the topic of local businesses, stay tuned for info coming soon on Dunwoody's business expo.  Lots of little fingers are very busy on that event.

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