Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random Small Biz Samples

The old Borders' bookstore at Perimeter Point was the recent home of the Rhea Lana's Consignment sale.  This could be a step in the direction I blogged earlier about Dunwoody using one of these open spaces as a permanent community marketplace.

The closed Blockbusters' next to Azima salon has a new tenant:  Wellstreet Urgent Care.  This chain will be visiting the DHA board meeting tonight to seek endorsement of a variance.  Stay tuned.  (News story on this chain's expansion into metro Atlanta.)

RIP Oscar's Villa Capri.  Technically in Sandy Springs but had a huge Dunwoody following.  I loved Oscar's because he took care of us like family.  When my 2nd child was born, all I wanted when I was finally allowed to eat was veal scallopini from Oscar's.  My husband called, explained the situation, and it was hot and ready to go by the time he got all the way over there.  Nothing tastes better than a meal you have on the brain right after you give birth.  Men - you gotta trust me on this one.

Congrats to Alon's,  d'Vine, and E 48th Street Market for their placement in's Top 10 Wine Bars in Atlanta.  (Article in Patch.) reviews restaurants and travel services all over the USA.  Placement in these listings is bound to bring more visitors - and their spending money - into town.

Marlow's Tavern is an Atlanta-based chain looking to move into part of Calico Corners' in the Village.  Again, they're visiting the DHA tonight so we'll learn what they're planning to do shortly.  Unlike Wellstreet above, Dunwoody is not listed in their locations yet so this may not be a done deal.

Finally, the Dunwoody Bakery is evolving into a Coffee Shoppe.  Nicely done, folks.  Ever since Starbucks pulled out of Orchard Park there has been a gap needing to be filled - a place to kick back with a cup 'o joe and a sweet.  Along with the gluten-free baked goods they've filled two niches in one shot.  The free WiFi is a great hook.  Almost necessary in this day and age.  And they're still hiring.

Note to city hall - the majority of the businesses in town that are making news or getting settled are based in or around Atlanta and some were born right here in Dunwoody.  In your rush to bring in large corporations to hire the "well educated" work force as stated in Pike's economic report, don't forget the home-grown industries.  They're more likely to stay put in Dunwoody - and their owners can will vote!

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