Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Write a Creepy Real Estate Offer

1)  Create hand-written "form letters".
2)  Use red ink.
3)  Send copies to home addresses at random from a bulk database export.
4)  Ignore whether the property is listed for sale or not.
5)  Use yellow, lined paper, instead of a company letterhead.
6)  Only use your first name, don't include your last name.
7)  Include a phone number but no other contact information.
8)  Don't explain why you're interested in buying a property that is not on the market.
9)  The return address on your envelope should be a "MailBoxes Etc" location in Buckhead.

Behold that which blessed my US Mailbox this afternoon.
Address redacted.  If you know my family, you know where we live.  ;-)
When I googled the phone number, I found this website:

I'm guessing home flippers.  Anyone else get one of these creepograms?  Or know the company where the phone number led?

By the way, if "Bajja" is reading this, your offer is respectfully declined.

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