Monday, June 11, 2012

More Pubs, More Jobs - O'Brian's Tavern

Has anyone else noticed that since our new Mayor was elected there's been a sudden proliferation of beer-serving establishments?  Hmmmmm....  Coincidence?  You make the call.  (Kidding, guys, kidding!)

There's another Tavern operated by the Dunwoody Restaurant Group opening in the Mt Vernon Shopping Center (same center as the Dunwoody Bakery, CVS, Camelot Jewelers, the old Ace Hardware, etc etc etc).  O'Brian's is opening soon and they're hiring cooks.

Check out their ad on CraigsList:

There are similar ads for a general manager but that one's been open for a while and I have no idea if it's been filled.

So there's O'Brian's, then there's Marlow's going in the Village, the Tavern, Firkin & Gryphon and a slew of others.  Anyone have Liefmans Kriek on tap?

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