Monday, June 18, 2012

Street/Summer Fair Vendors Wanted for Input on Media Article

I received an email this morning from Independent We Stand, an advocacy organization supporting and promoting the value of local independent businesses.

A reporter for a major news publication has approached Independent We Stand looking for entrepreneurs who have been vendors at street fairs and other outdoor summer events. They're seeking examples of lessons learned from these business opportunities – what to do and what not to do to. The entrepreneurs should be in only their second or third year of business and have some wisdom to share based on what they learned as an outdoor vendor last summer or the summer before. Do you fit the bill or know someone else who does? Just reply to this email or email us at!

Dunwoody and its neighbors are chock full of these kinds of enterprises!  If you are a small biz entrepreneur or solopreneur who as ever set up shop at Lemonade Days, the Dunwoody Music Festival, or the Dunwoody Arts Festival, this may be a golden opportunity for you to showcase your wares to a wide media audience!

While we're at it, I'll bet some of the vendors at the Dunwoody Green Market would fit the bill too.  Ditto for the new generation of food trucks that are hitting the streets to carve out their niche.  (I still think the Hail Caesar idea is hysterical!)

Drop a line to Independent We Stand above and give the media another reason to put Dunwoody-grown brands on the map.  (Tell Bill I said "hi" when you email!)

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