Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dunwoody Businesses - Are You Looking For a Few Good Interns?

The Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce is looking to pair up area businesses with second-semester seniors from Dunwoody High School.  As part of the new Education initiative by the Chamber, the Internship program will help Dunwoody High School seniors get the introductory work experience they need to become successful in careers over their lifetime.

Area businesses who have internship openings are welcome to contact Sarah at the Chamber office (678-244-9700) for more information.  The internship program is a unique opportunity for the business community at all levels to contribute to and reinforce the relationship with the youth and families of Dunwoody.

The Education Initiative information will be posted to the website in the near future.  (I'm standing by waiting for the call to assist when the committee is ready.)

Here's the original email from the Chamber:


Attention Chamber Members:

Dunwoody High School is looking for local businesses to help integrate classroom learning with structured work experiences related to a student's career goals for second semester seniors this SPRING.

This program is still in the beginning stages of development. We are looking for companies in the areas of Journalism, Broadcast, Engineering, Finance, and any other company that desires to provide students with a well-rounded internship experience.

Internships will need to begin in the first 2-3 weeks of February.

Internship Guidelines:
-Will be for Second Semester Seniors
- May be PAID or UNPAID
- Students must work at least 10 hours per week
- Internship must begin after 1:45 in the afternoon
- Business must provide Dunwoody High School staff an Evaluation of Performance for the student at 4.5 week intervals and post internship report
-Must provide proof that student is working (pay stubs, time-sheets. etc)

If you are interested, please contact:

*Please Provide Contact Person, willingness to Commit, and list of job responsibilities to the contact listed above. 
Help serve our community by providing unique educational experiences for our youth. 

The Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce is working to complete an internships.com page for businesses and community members to post or search for jobs/ internships. Keep an eye out for further information about this in the next 2 months! 


dunwoodytomcat said...

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dunwoodytomcat said...

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